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A Year Of Blogging - Part I

Welcome back to my blog! I’m coming around to a year of re-creating my blog site and taking content creating more seriously. So what better way than to re-introduce myself to any new faces here!

Of course you can always check out my ‘About Me’ for more insight on my goal through my website. Or you can also scroll through my Instagram for daily doses of my life if you’re interested.

But I figured over the next few weeks, I’d share some facts about me, no holds barred!

Let’s start off with blogging and content creating -- This truly is one of my favorite hobbies! I started blogging about three years ago and decided to take a year long break a year into it. When I jumped back in (February 2020), I was ready to buckle down and really commit to consistent blog content and inspiration for anyone looking my way.

I love blogging about fashion and beauty - for me, it’s such an amazing way to express yourself, your feelings, and you’re own style. I believe the clothes you wear, the makeup you put on, and the way you style your hair is a huge reflection of you. The inspiration behind my closet is comfort and self love.

I’ve been on a two year journey of self love and it’s the best trip I’ve ever taken. I’ve learned so much about my needs, my goals, my energy, and more importantly, what I need to improve on. And along my journey of self love, I’ve realized you can’t always do it alone. SO many of us look for help, support and guidance when we’re stuck in a bad place. So one of my goals has been to inspire along my way, too!

Through my blog site and Instagram, I not only share affordable fashion finds and beauty tips, but more importantly to me, inspiration and self care tips to help any one get through those rough patches we face.

Blogging is not only an outlet for me to express myself, but also to help others. And I truly hope my words reach someone who needs the support and guidance!

So here’s one thing about me. Stay tuned for next week’s share! I promise it’s only going to keep getting juicier!


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