• Samantha Balkaran

Blogger Essentials

Are you lost in the midst of figuring out tech and planning for your blogging?

Because I surely was when I sat down and was trying to figure out how best to grow content and maximize my resources for creating writing and images that were somewhat professional and structured. 

No one truly tells you what you need for creating a blogging platform besides the obvious phone/camera and laptop or desktop. And that was definitely me a few months ago! So I’m here to share a few items that will definitely come in handy and elevate your blogging platform without breaking the bank and investing tons of money.

  1. Camera - Creating blog content isn’t only about the writing, but having appealing visual images for readers and your audience. This is ideally what will capture their attention and keep them interested. So investing in either a great camera quality phone or camera is key. And either choice will be a great investment since you can use it, not only for content, but daily use as well.

  2. Tripod - Trust me when I tell you a tripod comes in extremely handy! Whether you have someone taking your pictures or set a timer and run, a tripod with remote will save your life. It helps you to capture a clear image and also play around with angles and heights for your pictures. It’s also very helpful for taking flat-lay images or filming videos where you may need to visibly be in the view. 

  3. Ring Light - Another item you may think you don’t need because of all the natural light that’s available! But at some point, your day may be overcast and cloudy, or you may need to film and shoot at night. Most ring lights provide different light settings, so you can adjust the color of the light and the brightness factor. A ring light also helps to avoid unwanted shadows! And there are also options to have a ring light/tripod stand all in one. So do some research and find what’s best for you! 

  4. Planner - Planners may not be your thing, but figuring out a way to schedule your content posts, creating written blogs and shooting or filming images is important. I’m a sucker for going with the flow most days, but sometimes life gets ahead of you. So having a physical book or white board planner comes in handy. And if you’re more tech savvy, look into planner apps that can be downloaded onto your phone and set reminders for yourself. 

I hope this was helpful in your blogging journey. Creating great quality content doesn’t always mean you have to invest hundreds of dollars. So doing tons of research, reading reviews, and asking other bloggers any tips is a great idea! If you’re interested in shopping for anything, click the links below for easy shopping through my LIKEtoKNOW.it!



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