• Samantha Balkaran

Bruschetta Chicken Recipe

When you're in the mood for something healthy, quick and tasty -- take to Pinterest! I do have to admit some of my inspiration for dinner recipes comes from Pinterest. And after putting my own spin on things, I was so happy with this awesome recipe for Bruschette Chicken.

Low carb, packed with vegetables and awesome flavors, this recipe is perfect for any meal and will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Any amazingly tasty Italian dish starts with the basis of onions, tomatoes and tons of garlic! So prep your ingredients for quicker cooking time.

I also proceeded to marinate my chicken with salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and red pepper flakes for heat beforehand so it was ready for cooking.

1. I cooked the chicken up first in some olive oil infused with fresh garlic.

2. Once the chicken was cooked through, I added in some chopped Roma tomatoes and red onion to the pan until softened.

3. Once all the flavors had a chance to combine, I removed everything from the pan and topped the cooked chicken with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

4. In the same pan, I sautéed spinach in olive oil, fresh garlic and onions. This usually takes just a few minutes as spinach cooks quickly. Make sure to double your regular amount of spinach as it wilts and cooks down to nothing in the end.

5. Once your spinach is done, time for plating! I added the spinach first as a bed for the chicken. Then I laid the chicken on top.

6. The final step is the topping. I mixed together in a bowl chopped Roma tomatoes, red onion, fresh garlic, black pepper and a tiny bit of fresh lemon juice. Now heap this mixture on top!

7. And don't forget the garnishing! Presentation is always key. I added another little grating of fresh Parmesan cheese. If you have balsamic glaze, a drizzle would be perfect on top, too!

I served this chicken dish up with a side of sautéed broccoli in olive oil and garlic, but you can choose any veggie of choice for a lighter option or a salad.

If you give this recipe a try, let me know! It's the perfect meal for any dinner and super quick and simple.



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