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Budget Friendly Moving Tips

Back with another moving blog! We’ve officially moved in to our new apartment and let me tell you, it was such a simple move!

Luckily I have some budget friendly tips to share with you guys! And trust me when I say these tips I’ve used and it saved us so much money so that we could allocate that towards other things we needed.

Reusable Bags For Packing - the typical moving process usually entails buying tons of boxes to pack your things in. But as anyone might know, that can rack up a bill quickly! And when you’re done moving, you’re left with boxes to recycle and get rid of. So a major tip is using reusable bags and containers! As an avid shopper, I already had tons of large reusable tote bags for packing clothes, kitchen items and bathroom products. For those more fragile items, I recommend buying a few bigger gallon-sized plastic bins. They’re inexpensive at most dollar stores, and come in super handy for packing away holiday decor, extra blankets and pillows, and things you only use seasonally after the move-in. And they’re stackable, so you’re minimizing the space you’re using to store them in a closet or spare room!

Friends/Family vs. Moving Company - so many people invest in using a professional moving company for packing, transporting, and unloading their belongings. And that can be very pricey! So those friends that always check in to hang out and want to help, let them! We opted out of using any professional movers or uhaul moving truck and stuck with the help of family and friends. The weeks leading up to moving day were spent packing bins and bags with our belongings. And then moving day came, and with it, tons of help from family and friends for transporting our items from one home to the next! We utilized everyone’s cars and trucks, and what better way to spend moving day than with your loved ones!

Buying Home Essentials In Bulk - this goes without saying, but buying items you use on a daily in bulk will save you so much in the long run. So utilize  those bj’s and costco memberships and buy all your home essentials (paper towels, cleaning supplies, new kitchen gadgets) at a discounted price! It’ll save you financially in the long run and less running to the convenience store weekly. For us, moving day came and we were ready with toilet paper and dish soap for weeks. So make that list and start buying ahead of time so you have your essentials for your first day in your new home. And amazon prime is a lifesaver! Opt out of name brands for simple things that get used up frequently and free shipping is key.

Don't Buy Unnecessary Items - you’re definitely going to want to start styling and throwing decor all over your new home, but don’t do it! Buying unnecessary decor items is not a priority in the beginning. Settle in, arrange your furniture and figure out your home aesthetic. Things will fall into place with time. Focus on setting up your utilities, filling your home with the essentials you need for daily use, and buying what you need. Decor and miscellaneous home items can always wait until you’re financially back on your feet and can splurge on house plants, a thousand candles and throw pillows.

Shop Sales/Holidays - the best tip of them all!! Shop major sales, and there’s usually a ton of them around any major holiday. We knew we wanted to move before the end of the year, so we scrolled websites during all the holiday sales and got a brand new coffee table, console table, and tons of kitchen gadgets at amazing deals. And because everything comes unassembled and in boxes, it’s super easy to store under the bed or in the garage until your move-in day! It saves so much time, hassle and money. And it’s one less thing to worry about when you do finally find a place and put down all that deposit and move-in money. Basics are usually easy to buy since you can start planning your home aesthetic around them, so shop those sales!

I hope these tips helped all those who are moving or planning to! It definitely was a life saver for us. We're three days into our new moved in and only have a few more bags to unpack.

Just remember, try to enjoy every moment of moving because it goes by in such a whirlwind. And you want to remember this new chapter of your life!


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