• Samantha Balkaran

Follow Your Own Path

As a very social person, both online and in person, it's very important to understand your journey and the path that you're on.

Coming into contact and speaking with many others with similar hobbies, interests, even tastes in things, will often bring about comparisons. And I urge you to NEVER compare yourself to others and what they are doing.


Limit Social Media - This may come as a surprise as I am a blogger and content creator on social media platforms, but it is so important to limit the amount of time you spend scrolling on social media. Don't choose to live through other people's lens, live through your own. While finding inspiration online is helpful, don't lose focus of what others have or show you. Stay true to what you like and your specific interests before copying someone else's. What works for one doesn't always work another. And by consistently following behind others, you'll end up losing your true self and all the things that make you, you.

FOCUS ON YOUR MEANS - So many of us want nice things without considering the financial strains it might be putting on ourselves or loved ones. Growing up, I had no choice but to be humble coming from a single-parent household and being an immigrant family. And as an adult, that humble mindset has definitely stuck with me. While many others around you might showcase beautiful homes, electronics, brand names or all-inclusive vacations, keep in mind you don't always know their financial background either. Stick within your means, and never put yourself into unnecessary debt if it can be avoided. While we all want 'nicer' things, always remain humble and what is right financially for you and your family. At the end of the day, having money in the bank for a rainy day is more important than have the latest tech gadgets and handbags.

LIKEMINDED NETWORK - A key to remaining on your path and not being strayed is having a supportive network around you. When you surround yourself by others who are likeminded in their life goals and aspirations, the process is that much easier. If someone, whether it's a friend or partner, is aware of what is important to you and defines you as a person, they can help in a supportive manor to keep you on your path. Having less distractions is always helpful and will encourage you to stay on your journey. And when you surround yourself with others who are similar in mindset, you can support one another and help each other to remain grounded.

I hope you were able to find some comfort and reassurance with this post. As usual, the goal is always to uplift and inspire others on this journey of life. And the more supports in place, the better.



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