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Healthy Habits for Quarantine

Updated: Apr 2

Hey loves! With everything happening in the world currently, I wanted to share some healthy habits and routines for being home more often these days. My hope is that this can give some of you ideas on what to do or even where to get started! So stick around and let's get through this together!

I'm someone who usually works a 9-5 job Monday through Friday, and weekends I'm out and about doing errands or hanging with friends and family. My days are pretty active and busy. Nowadays, not so much! It's become a HUGE adjustment for me being home all day, and my main focus through this has been trying to normalize my life as much as possible so my anxiety doesn't overwhelm me!

My first tip is setting up and maintaining a daily routine for yourself. This also works if you have kids at home, too! For me, my routine generally is focused on week days, allowing myself a little more leniency on the weekends (which is typical of my usual routine). Currently I'm working from home, which means I have to be up and active by 9am. Setting my alarm clock and giving myself enough time in the morning to get out of bed, get ready and gather my thoughts is important. It sets my mood and how productive I'll be for the day. I give myself enough time to sleep in, scroll through social media, and then jump out of bed to tackle my day. Setting aside a lunch and even snack break time is perfect management of your daily schedule as well. It's a healthy way to break up your work time so you don't feel like it's dragging and you can stay more focused on the tasks you have to accomplish.

Getting ready for your day is another tip! I know it sounds silly right? Getting dressed to sit at home all day, why bother. But changing out of your pajamas and into other clothing awakens your body and mind, prepping you for not lazing around all day and napping, which is something I did find myself doing. For me, this usually means sweats and a shirt, or leggings and a hoodie. Just something that isn't pajamas. This way I look put together and ready for my day!

A third great idea is setting a to-do or task list for yourself. This can be done at the beginning of your week, or on a daily basis, which is what I prefer to do. For me, I set two lists. One is for my job and making sure I complete all tasks I have to for my work day. My second list is a personal one for my life. I try to set at least two or three goals I want to accomplish for the day that is doable and manageable. This way I'm also holding myself accountable for my housework and chores, too! Some of my tasks this week was vacuuming my home, cleaning out all of my makeup collection and makeup brushes, and sorting through clothes that can be donated. These tasks are meant to keep you active and moving throughout your day so it doesn't feel like you're just sitting around doing nothing or staring at a tv screen majority of your time.

One of my favorite habits that I make sure to do every day, weather permitting, is go for a walk and get outside for fresh air! For some, this may be a little more difficult if you are on lockdown and can't step outside. But hopefully for most, you can at least make it to your front or backyard and feel some sunshine on your face. Fresh air and nature is so vital to your well-being on so many levels. It helps to keep you grounded, clear your mind of too many thoughts, great for your skin and health, and just an overall break from what is going on around you. I go for a walk every evening after I'm done working, even if its around the block, and it brightens my mood to feel the sun and take a few deep breaths of clean air. Social distancing doesn't mean you can't step into your yard. It's just about being careful and mindful of those around you. And if you can't step out, open up ALLLLL those windows and let that clean air into your home!

These are just a few of the habits I've been following before and during this difficult time we're facing. It's so important to take care of you and stay in an optimistic mindset, and that can only happen if you develop the routines and habits you need to for yourself!

Stay safe babes! And drop a comment with any other healthy habits or ideas you may have! I'd love to know what some of you are up to.


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