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Holy Grail of Hair Tools

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Hot tools!

If you had to pick one hair tool to use forever, what would it be? Okay, forever sounds dramatic, but if you know me then you know I’m all about convenience, simplicity, and low maintenance. So when I find the right product, I’m a ride or die kinda girl for it. 

Long story short, or maybe short story long… I bought a hair straightener a few years ago because my sister stole mine. Nothing too elaborate, it was a Conair Infiniti Ceramic straightener from CVS (under $30) and that was my holy grail. The ONLY hot tool I used consistently for my hair. Whether I was looking for curly locks or pin straight hair. But of course due to wear and tear, it started to lose its magical touch. My hair was coming out super staticky and the straightener wouldn’t get as hot anymore. Or after a few minutes my hair would start to curl back, which was so annoying because the less time I can take up to do my hair, the better for my sanity.

So about two weeks ago I threw it in the garbage and said “I’m not doing this anymore,” and I went out to buy a new one. Again, due to my low maintenance personality, I took a walk to Walgreens and went straight to their hair care aisle and found the only straightener they had left in stock. It could have been by coincidence or maybe not, but I bought it (for $20) and brought it home to try out. And I fell in love!

The Conair Double Cermanic Flat Iron literally has worked wonders for my hair! Let’s just start off by saying the actual style and color of the tool is beautiful. The all white base with rose gold details and lettering just looks expensive and elegant. It’s one inch, and fits perfectly in your hand while you’re using it. And the ceramic double plates heat up so quickly and has adjustable heat temperatures that provide a super sleek, shiny and anti-frizz/static finish to your hair. I’m also someone who uses my hair straightener to curl and create waves, and this hair tool does not let down at all! My curls stay for a few days and I barely ever have to go back in to re-touch my hair. 

And it’s super light weight, so it’s very easy to pack and go with you on any trips. So if you’re in the market for a new hair tool, definitely give this one a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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