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How Do You Schedule Your Week?

Setting yourself up for a positive and productive week all begins with the mindset! Trust me when I say, by half way through the week I'm feeling unmotivated, unproductive, and plain old lazy to get things done around my home, creating content, and working my full time job.

I've found by mapping out my upcoming week the Saturday or Sunday before helps so much with my productivity and mindset! And there are tons of ways of doing this -- whether you're someone more visual and prefer a plan on paper or someone more tech-savvy and prefer updating an app or digital planner.

FIGURING OUT YOUR PLAN PLATFORM - If you're someone like me, who's a visual person, then mapping out a rough plan on paper is necessary. I've tried traditional planner books, content planner books, even large paper calendars. And all of the above work! It allows you to form a habit and have an idea of what your goals are for the week. As time progressed, I altered my planning platform to To-Do lists and notepads since I already formed the habit of needing to get things done and figuring out my weekly schedule. If you're a more tech-savvy person and prefer a digital planner, there's tons of apps available (free and not) in the market for helping to organize your day-to-day. Using a calendar on your phone, laptop or tablet is a great way to start and set reminder alarms. Some great apps to check out are Daily Planner, Planner Pro, and Artful Agenda.

Once you figure out your platform for planning, the next step is breaking up your week and what your goals are!

WORK GOALS - Monday through Friday I work my full-time job, and my hours are pretty set, which makes planning just a step easier for me. My focus for work is getting all immediate and emergency tasks done early in the day every day, so the latter half of my work day is slower and I can have more time for myself. During my work week, I aim to wake up early enough to make my bed, gather my thoughts in the morning, check any social media platforms, emails, and tidy back up before my day begins. During my work day, I try not to stray from work related tasks so that I can get things done efficiently and maximize my work day. I also remember to take breaks for food and mental health and remember to set some time aside to walk or move around a bit so my body isn't stiff. Having a running to-do lists keeps me on track for completing tasks, and checking my calendar daily is a reminder of what's upcoming the following day.

HOME CHORES - Tidying up, chores and errands seem never-ending when you have your own space. No matter how big or small, a clean home allows a clear mindset to complete work and other tasks. I usually set aside one day of the week to do a deeper cleaning, usually on a Friday or Saturday. That's the day I do all my laundry, clean all the surfaces in my home, organize and pack away anything out of place, and get rid of anything not needed anymore. During the week, I also take about thirty minutes daily to put things away and do a quick tidy-up so there's still some order and organization. This is totally optional, but for me, needed, since I don't like to see clutter and can't function with unorganized space.

CONTENT CREATING/HOBBY - This is totally optional! And can be customized for whatever hobby, or side activity, whether it's working out, trying new recipes, writing, etc. For me, content creating is a hobby for fun, and so I do set aside time during my week to work on blog posts and editing content. Usually one or two days of the week I'm working on outfit and beauty photoshoots since that takes a huge amount of time. I also set aside time during the weekend to sit and write blog content, editing those and brainstorming new content ideas. The important factor to take into consideration when it comes to a hobby is figuring out the purpose of it and how involved you want to be. If it's a hobby, you can be more lenient with the amount of time you're spending on it. But if it's something you work on or do more seriously, you want to set aside appropriate time frames for it.

The main goal through your weekly planning is maximizing your time and creating an environment and plan where you can be productive and efficient when you need to be! And also finding a way that works for you. Remember, what works for one person doesn't always work for the other.


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