• Samantha Balkaran

How to Start Blogging 101

Are you interested in blogging but just don't know where to begin?

Are you unsure what to write about or how to structure your blogs?

Are you looking for a little help on website creating and the style of your content?

I've been there, lots of other bloggers have been there, and now you're here!

Creating blog content can seem very daunting to start, but I promise that first step is the hardest to get through. I started back up my blogging about six-seven months ago, and while I had a lot to figure out, I made sure to dedicate time every week to working on my site and blog content.

TYPE OF CONTENT - Figuring out the type of content you want to create. What interests you the most? What do you enjoy doing during your spare time? And do you believe you have enough information/content to share with others? Blog content is very versatile and extensive -- you can be as specific as being a 'Beauty and Fashion' blogger or as broad as being a 'Style Inspiration' blogger. If you enjoy home making and curating a positive and productive life, you can be a 'Lifestyle' blogger. Perhaps you have an interest in business and finance, you can offer a 'Business' blog sharing information on that area. Whatever the genre of blogger you wish to be, make sure it's something you enjoy and produce mass amounts of content for.

BLOGGING PLATFORM - What type of platform are you looking to create? For some, Instagram is where they want to focus. For others, creating an actual website would be more beneficial. If you're looking to share more pictures with less writing, perhaps choosing a visual platform is for you. If you're someone who enjoys writing and creating written blog information, then a website would be perfect. There are tons of blogging websites where you can create a site, the style of your webpages, and customize your settings. If you're a beginner to creating a website, I would advise checking out Wix or WordPress, as those are the most common and easy to manage sites for creating content. From there, the fun begins with creating your website style, editing fonts, colors, the layout and adding different pages. I would highly recommend adding an 'About Me' page to any website so that readers can have a synopsis of who you are, the type of content you'll be posting, and maybe even some fun facts about you as a person!

CONTENT FOR YOUR PLATFORM - This is also super crucial before launching any blogging platform -- making sure you have enough content before going live on your site! Whether you're publishing more visual content or written blogs, it's highly beneficial to have at least three to five separate content posts ready and up on your site before launch day. This will allow readers or viewers to have a glimpse at what more content is to come, get an idea of your style of posting and writing or images, and give them enough content to determine if they like your content and will be subscribing and staying tuned for me. It also gives you some time to work on your next blog post since there is enough content for readers for at least a week or so. You also will have the ability to advertise your different posts on social media accounts every day to gain more viewers to your site without advertising the same post constantly.

CREATING A SCHEDULE - To maintain readers and viewers to your blog website, creating and sticking to a posting schedule is very important. For one, it gives viewers a time frame as to when to look out for your next published post if they know when to expect it, but it also helps you to work efficiently. Creating a schedule will set you in the right mindset for creating content and posting since you know there is a deadline it has to be done by. I would advise posting weekly, and choosing the same day/days to publish your content. This way, there's a routine that you've established and you have your timeframe to work off of. You'll also have time to advertise your posts after publishing, which will help you to gain more viewers to your site.

I hope you found these tips for creating and starting your blogging journey helpful! I remember first starting out, I was somewhat lost as to where to begin. But it's all a learning experience and tons more to understand as you continue your journey.

Drop me a comment and let me know if you'd like more tips on creating and maintaining your blogging journey. I personally love learning more from fellow blogger friends and reading up on what else I can be doing.



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