• Samantha Balkaran

Let's Talk Skincare!

Some questions I've been getting lately is how I've managed to turn my skin around. And I'm here to share my secret with you!

Let's start off by saying I've been doing this same skin regime for over a year, testing out and using the same products consistently. I think because of my consistency and perseverance through this process, my skin has been flourishing and looking so much better!

Skin type - My skin, I would categorize, as being combination oily. I tend to get some texture near my chin and on my forehead. I have a ton of discoloration (from teenage acne) and hyperpigmentation. And I'm also acne prone and sensitive to a lot of skincare and makeup products!

A huge factor in clearing up my skin and preventing future breakouts is daily cleansing. Morning and night, I use a face wash that lathers and gently exfoliates my skin. My favorite wash duo has to be from the Clean & Clear brand - Morning Burst Facial Cleanser (for mornings) and Night Relaxing Deep Cleaning Face Wash (for nights). This combo deep cleans, removes excess oil, dirt and makeup from your skin, and leaves you feeling refreshed and light without drying out your face.

I always follow up with the The Ordinary Niacinamide Serum morning and night, focusing mostly on my T-Zone. This serum has helped shrink my pores, while controlling oiliness and texture.

I also use a drop of the Sunday Riley U.F.O. Face Oil, only at night, all over my face. This facial oil has helped to control my oiliness, but goes a step further by preventing any breakouts and acne. I let both serums sink into my skin, really absorbing all vitamins and nutrients it provides before going in with moisturizer.

Now for moisturizer, or face cream, I've gone a more non-conventional route with using a lightening cream. Since I was a teenager, my mom introduced me to lightening creams to help with all the discoloration from my acne. And this is one I was introduced to a year ago and fell in love with.

Bio Claire Lightening Body Cream is all I use morning and night, and it has miraculously lightened majority of my dark marks, while evening out my skin tone and helping my skin color look more balanced.

This skincare routine has worked wonders for my face, and I've noticed such a difference with how clean, clear and bright my skin now looks. Definitely check out any of these products. And a plus -- they all work well under makeup!



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