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My Pockets of Peace

Recently I began filming my ‘Pockets of Peace’ daily and posting them on TikTok and Instagram in the hopes of inspiring others to take pleasure in the little joys in life.

While this may seem minimal for bringing joy to your every day lives, my hope is that so many of you can slow down your busy days to enjoy those tiny moments that go forgotten so easily and enjoy them!

So I urge you all to stop for a moment and think of the day you’ve had today, or even yesterday. Were there moments that brought you a feeling of fulfillment or happiness? What were they? What did you do or someone else do for you that made you feel uplifted and positive?

Every day we wake and go about our busy routine, whether that consists of working from home or out in the world. We rush through our days handling one obstacle after another, and rarely have the time to slow down and appreciate the positives that helped the day go by.

These little pockets of our day may be having your favorite breakfast, going for an evening walk at sunset, washing your hair, doing a face mask, or even laying in bed watching a movie or indulging in a good book. These moments help to overcome negative times of the day, help to unwind after a chaotic afternoon, and help to keep us grounded in who we are as individuals.

So I urge you to slow down when you’re prepping your favorite meal or getting your nails done and think about that moment. Soak in every ounce of pleasure and fulfillment it brings you. Because those are the moments that bring peace and happiness to your life without you realizing it.

If you’re interested in checking out my Pockets of Peace, check out my TikTok linked below or my Instagram Highlight, also linked!

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