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My Vision Board 2021

Have you ever made a vision board?

I’ve been so intrigued with them for awhile and decided to put one together for 2021!

A vision board is great for someone who’s visual like me. Putting your goals on paper or creating a digital version where you can see it will be the perfect reminder to achieve those dreams and goals! It’s the daily reminder to be consistent, push through and make it to the finish line. All in all, a vision board holds you accountable for all the things you put on it.

My main focus for my vision board was self love, growth and creativity.

SELF LOVE - The journey of self love has been one I’ve been on for awhile. I truly believe you cannot pour from an empty cup, so my goal is to continue working on myself first. Focusing on my confidence, speaking my voice, and staying true to myself and what matters to me. Loving yourself is so important; you cannot love others before loving yourself first.

GROWTH - A category that has so many different lanes. For me, I truly wish to grow more personally and professionally. Stepping out of my comfort zones to try and experience new things is a large focus this year. And my professional life always has room for growth and improvement. So pushing myself to take the next steps to further my career and scope of work will not only help my professional world, but also carry out into my personal life as well.

CREATIVITY - I’ve always known I’m a creative person, it’s just applying myself that I tend to fall off with. So this year I’m pushing myself to step outside of the box, create more content, try new recipes, work on DIYs and projects that will not only allow my creative side to shine, but also help with my anxiety and bring back my love for art and creating.

And of course I threw in some other focuses that are important to me, like family and relationships with others, improving and working on being more present in the moment, traveling to new places, and potentially planning the wedding of my dreams, finally!

If you haven’t created a vision board, I highly recommend it! While it was tons of fun creating it, it was an even better experience sitting down to figure out what my goals are for this year and what improvements I want to make as I embark on a brand new year’s journey.

Let me know if you decide to create a vision board and what are some things you plan to incorporate in it! I truly hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did!


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