• Samantha Balkaran

Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Trust me, you're not the only one feeling cabin fever! Looking back at it, at least in New York, we've been quarantined to our homes for about there months (feels like an eternity).

While at first it wasn't too bad, I definitely had more time to organize and get little things done around my home that I had been putting off, I definitely started to feel that agitation from being stuck and not venturing out to restaurants, parks, and fun events! And as the weather is transitioning into summer, I definitely feel left out from visiting friends for bbqs, planning beach days and brunches, and my favorite -- date night!

So of course, me being the romantic that I am, I came up with some cute ideas that you and your other half can do at home to create a date night in!


This has to be a regular for us! While you can easily just lay around in bed or on the couch and throw on a new or favorite movie to watch, creating a more theatrical atmosphere is just more fun! Try preparing some fun snacks -- popcorn, nachos, mini corn dogs, or even wings! A lot of these things you can make at home during the day and prep for later on. Or if you aren't too keen on cooking and clean up, check out your local grocery store's frozen section for any appetizer foods that you can easily warm up in the oven. And of course, don't forget some fun drinks! You can buy some fun sodas or spice it up with cocktails or beer, whatever your preference is!


This is a super fun idea that can easily be done indoors or outdoors, depending on what your space looks like. I love throwing blankets and pillows on the floor for comfort, even lighting some candles to set a cozy ambiance. If you have the option to do this in your yard, definitely take it! There's nothing like sitting outside with the breeze and sun, enjoying yummy foods, drinks and snacks! This is also a great way to try out new recipes or even bake a fun dessert to share. If you're crunched for time, ordering from a new take-out venue and trying a new cuisine is also a great option and new experience you both can share! Pop open a new bottle of wine and watch the sunset either from your window or up above!


While we all know game night to include more than just two people, there's tons of fun games that are two player friendly and just as engaging! Jenga, Scrabble, even card games or video games if you have a system. Let me tell you, I've revisited my childhood with those old school racing video games and I have to admit I get super into it! This is a great opportunity to sip on some cocktails while challenging one another's gamer side. Set up your table or floor with some snacks to munch on and you have the perfect daytime or evening date!


So pretty much everything includes food or snacks if you know me (I'm a huge foodie). Recreating one of your favorite restaurant meals or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen together is an awesome bonding experience and really tests your experience as a master chef! If you both love to cook, like we do, this could be tons of fun -- there's nothing better than seeing your man cry over the onions this time! And if neither of you are good in the kitchen, awaiting those end results and the taste test is the ultimate surprise. You both would be creating a new memory of cooking together and there's dinner on the table at the end of it!


Now I know painting and art isn't everyone's forte, but hosting your own Sip and Paint night at home can be super fun and really give you the opportunity to create something beautiful. There are tons of websites that you can check out that are either hosting a virtual sip and paint class or where you can order the supplies and do it on your own with your canvas. Bring the fun to your home and get your favorite drinks, you can even do a double-date experience virtually over Zoom or FaceTime with another couple and make it fun! At the end of the night, you're left with amazing new artwork and a new memory created.

I hope these date night ideas give you guys some inspiration for making it fun at home! Trust me, I can't wait to sit at a table that isn't mine and have my server ask me what I'm having. But for now, this is what we can do to keep hope and our spirits alive!

Drop a comment and let me know what are some of your favorite date night ideas at home! I'm definitely looking for new ways to spice up dinner and a movie on the couch.



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