• Samantha Balkaran

Realistic Goals

Happy mid-week!

We've made it to Wednesday, and if your schedule is like mine, you know this is the marker for the work week to be almost done and some free time during the weekend!

And lately on the weekends, I've been finding myself "joy writing" and setting dream/realistic goals for myself and my life.

Now I know you're thinking, well we all have dreams we want and goals we want to accomplish, but how many of those are truly realistic? We all want more money, bigger homes, more than one car, to travel and so much more. But what is realistic to you and the lifestyle you live?

For me, my biggest goal this year was to find a new home and move. And trust me, it wasn't the easiest task to accomplish when you're currently going through a pandemic and quarantine. But I made it happen!

Other joy writes for myself and realistic dream goals I have is to further my career and attain my dream job, buy a house before I'm 40, have children in the near future, go back to school and get my Masters in a field I love, and travel the world.

And what is truly stopping me from attaining these goals? Is it myself holding back, is it finances, is the timing just not right? Honestly, it's a mixture of all of the above. But that doesn't mean you stop dreaming and thinking of what you want your future to look like.

So I challenge you to take a moment any day and either make a mental note or write it down. But focus on what realistic "dream" goals you have for yourself, your life, and our family. Because if you can think it up, I truly believe you can do it! It may take time and a lot of hard work, but anything is doable!



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