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Self Care Sunday - Latest Reads

Happy Self Care Sunday babes!!

As our days are becoming longer with more sun and light time, I’ve really gotten back into reading. And I cannot stress enough how beneficial picking up a book is for your mind and body! I love being able to escape this world into another - slowing down my body and delving into the characters and envisioning their settings.


Reducing Stress - During our every day lives, we're constantly feeling bogged down by the stressors of work, family, finances, health and personal conflicts. A well-written book can transport you to another mind set, even if temporarily, allowing your thoughts to rest from the constant obligations you may be taking on. You'll have that peace of remaining present in that precise moment and allowing your mind to relax.

Mental Stimulation - Many studies have shown that reading a book, article, even magazine allows your brain to continue staying active and mentally stimulated over time. Just like your physical body, your mind also needs to remain exercising and challenged to function at top speed and be able to work well.

Improvement in Writing and Language - It goes without saying that delving into any book helps to expand your vocabulary. Reading different forms of writing, poetry, memoirs, autobiographies, also enhances your personal writing skills. From reading a book, you not only learn new words and can expand your vocabulary, but that also will transition into your writing whether you're a student or working professional.

Tranquility and Empathy - The most beneficial aspect of reading, in my opinion, has to be the emotional and mental benefits! Indulging in a new book, or even an all-time favorite, brings about an inner sense of peace and quiet. Escaping into the words of a page allows your body to slow down mentally and feel a sense of calm. You also are able to empathize more with others and real life situations from learning and understanding the emotions of characters. While they are fictional from a book, empathy transfers into real-life situations and you have a better understanding of coping and working with your own emotions and emotions of those around you.

Lately my favorite genre of novels have been memoirs. A memoir is a type of writing written by the author usually, expressing their perspective on a certain topic or event in their life. Having a background in social services and child welfare, I enjoy reading personal experience of others that have overcome certain obstacle in their life. It allows my mind to understand certain topics easier and empathize with the work that I do.

Below is a list of my current, and most favorite, reads:

All of these books are available for purchase by clicking the book!

I hope you find these book suggestions a great read if you decide to give them a try! They're all my favorites and come highly recommended!

Drop a comment and let me know what your favorite book or author is! I'm always open to new suggestions.


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