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Self Care Sunday - Skin Care Pamper

Happy Self Care Sunday babes!

Part of my self care Sunday routine is pampering my skin. After all, your skin is with you for a lifetime and it's the first thing people see!

Generally on Sundays, I use a deep detoxifying and cleansing face mask. And I always follow up with hydrating and moisturizing serums and facial creams. I like to take the extra time to really massage my face and get the blood circulating after I wash off whatever mask of choice I'm using that day.

So I'm here to talk about some of my favorite moisturizers as of lately! And by no surprise do they all come from the Fresh line. So a little about the Fresh brand...

The Fresh brand uses lots of natural fruits, flowers, oils and extracts to create their products. This way, you're using the cleanest oils, moisturizers and cleansers on your skin. Just to name a few, Fresh products include Peony, Super Lotus, Lemons, Strawberries, Vitamins C and E, and Black Tea Complex -- all of which has beneficial ingredients. Fresh believes in creating products that your body needs and craves with the ever-changing seasons and lifestyle that many of us live. And they promise to uphold using the best ingredients, meaning there's no parabens, formaldehyde, silicons, and lots of others things that are just no good to be using on your skin. All in all, you're using amazing products created to aid your skin and be the best it can be!

Below are some of the products I've been using lately! Some are items I've used over the years and always gravitate towards when I notice my skin isn't looking or feeling its best. Others are new products that I wanted to try out and see what the hype was about.

But all of them are truly amazing and I would highly recommend to any skin type and all of you!

  1. Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer - Perfect for daily use either on its own or under makeup. With extracts of Super Lotus, you're targeting signs of aging while enhancing natural skin radiance. The moisturizer itself is very lightweight and sinks into your skin leaving you looking naturally hydrated. This has been one of my go-tos over the years!

  2. Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer - If you're looking for a deeper, hydrating moisturizer, this is it! Perfect for dryer skin, it leaves you feeling soft and supple from extracts of rosewater, rose flower oils and Vitamin E. This moisturizer sinks into your skin easily leaving a smooth canvas, whether you're choosing to wear makeup over or not. Highly recommended if you're looking for more hydration and moisture!

  3. Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream - Nighttime skin care can't be any easier than this moisturizer! This recovery cream, created with Super Lotus, uses its antioxidant benefits to strengthen your skin while reducing dullness and dehydrated looking skin throughout your night. This way, you're waking up with a hydrated, bright and soft face! My go-to night cream!

If you're in the market for some new moisturizers or love indulging in quality skin care products, look no further! All of the moisturizers can we found directly through the Fresh website, Sephora, or you can shop through my LiketoKnow.it page. The link is down below!!



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