• Samantha Balkaran

Settling In

Life update time!

It's been about two and a half weeks since we've moved into our new place, and let me tell you how quickly time flies!

I figured I'd give a little life update on how the settling in has been. I know so many people have been asking and involved with the process, so let's get into it!

It truthfully feels like time is just flying by, between shopping and setting up new furniture, and revamping our older belongings to give a new purpose and feel. Our goal with this new space has been to take our time and furnish as we can. I don't want to rush anything and miss the fun and excitement of a new place.

Luckily, our kitchen and bedroom was the easiest to unpack and settle in! With all the new storage and compartments in both rooms, it flowed smoothly to unpack our kitchen and all the appliances, dishes and pots we had. Buying ahead of time in preparation for our move was a huge help! We had a fully stocked and functional kitchen immediately!

Our bedroom was just as easy considering we have a his and hers closet in the bedroom, separate from one another. And my favorite part -- the built in cubbies in the bedroom walls. There are cubbies on both sides of the bedroom, which made organizing and setting up fun and easy for us.

Now last but not least, the living room! This is the one room we've been struggling with slightly. We wanted to make it a comfortable, functional and cozy room since we spend the most time in here. And so far, we have a coffee table and entry table set up! This past weekend we went couch shopping and chose the most plush and comfortable couch set - it seriously feels like you're floating on a cloud when you sit down. And the plus, it'll be here in about a month. Anyone that has ordered furniture knows the long delivery time that can come with it!

It's been a fun process of decorating and setting up our new home. We both have definitely fallen into a nice routine and have been really enjoying the new space.

And to top it off, we brought home a new little baby to add to our home and family!

Stay tuned for more home updates! And check out my LiketoKnow.it for any home items, I link everything for easy shopping!




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