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The Girl I Once Was

Let’s talk body positivity!

Short disclaimer - - this is something I had been holding off on for awhile, but I think I’m finally ready to share a little insight on my journey. And please keep in mind I’m not a nutritionist or dietary coach of any sort. Just a girl doing what feels right for myself!

So a little family history… both sides of my family (mom and dad) have a slew of health issues. And women particularly on my mom’s side tend to be on the curvier/heavy set side. So I know some of it is genetics. But as I entered my adult years, I realized that I don’t have to necessarily be another statistic towards my family genes.

I’ve always struggled with my weight. Super easy for me to gain, even harder for me to lose. And obviously as you age, your body changes as well. So I made a promise to myself in the last year and a half to be more healthy. Partly because I feel better when I look better, but also because I had developed pre-diabetes about two years ago and managed to reverse it and not have it anymore from making serious changes in my lifestyle. Maybe one day I'll go into how that even came about!

Being healthy and living a healthier life can mean a lot of different things for a lot of people. So in my terms, being/living healthier means eating cleaner foods and staying as active as possible. I try not to eat take-out often, instead opting for home cooked meals where I know what’s going into my food and I can control the sodium, sugar and fat levels. I don’t deprive myself of anything I want to eat, instead just being wise about how much I’m consuming.

I also became a lot more serious about my levels of activity. I joined the gym about a year and a half ago as well, which has been a huge game changer for me, too. And even when I can’t make it to the gym, like now, I do home workouts or go for long walks. Anything to get my body moving and not feeling lethargic. It’s so easy to slip into a lazy routine! I don’t workout every day and I don’t go hard at the gym, but I do what feels right for me. And just being in a positive and motivating space gives you that little push to keep going.

My goals are pretty simple. I’m not doing anything to achieve some kind of “perfect” body shape, whatever that might be. Instead, I stay true to myself and set realistic goals. Eat clean, stay active. I don’t have a set weight I wish to achieve or jean size I want to be. I understand my body and genetics more now than ever. And while I would love to slim down and be more toned, I’m also okay with having some curves and embracing them!

The girl I once was hasn’t disappeared. Instead I would say she’s more educated and knowledgeable about what’s right for her. Change all begins with you and taking that first step is always the hardest part. But the results of my consistency is what keeps me motivated every day to do better and continue my journey of a healthy life. In the end, it all does rely on you and the life you choose for yourself.

My hopes in sharing this little piece of me is that it reaches someone.

Drop a comment or feel free to email me if you just want to talk. Something I've realized along this journey of life is that it's easier living and doing when you have like-minded people around you to help motivate and keep you on track.

And a quick little shoutout to my friend who I 10000% stole the title of this blog from. Thanks for always being a motivational person in my life.


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