• Samantha Balkaran

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

For many, holiday season brings together family, friends and close ones. But is that the case this year when we’re going through a pandemic?

Speaking for myself, this year’s holiday celebrations are very different. And for some reasons, I’m glad to keep it intimate with just myself and spouse. But part of me also is wishing to be surrounded by friends and family as we open presents around the tree, indulging in sweets and Christmas movies.

This year has brought a lot of us to learn to alter plans and find ways to stay connected and enjoy the moments. Being creative and finding ways to stay joyful and hopeful has been at the top of everyone’s list lately. So here are a few ways to stay in the holiday spirit regardless of who you’re around and your plans.

  1. Christmas Movies – A huge must! I love putting on a Christmas or holiday movie to get me in the spirit. And the classics are the best in my opinion! The Home Alone Series and The Grinch are two of my favorites.

  2. Decorating Your Home – Even if you’re not entertaining this year, sprinkling some holiday décor around your home will instantly put you in a better mood. What’s better than the twinkling lights, wreaths and garland, and sweet smells of cinnamon!

  3. Baking – I’m sure I can speak for a lot of us, but baking boxed desserts works just as well! I love baking warm goodies to enjoy during a movie or playing a game at home. The warmth and sweet smells that surround your home is welcoming and enjoyable all evening.

4. Wrapping Gifts – Even if you know what was bought for you through that shared Amazon Prime account, wrapping up presents to go under your tree is still fun! And opening them on Christmas morning is even more enjoyable. I love taking the time to wrap presents and add bows and ribbon!

I hope these ideas reach you all this holiday season and help to keep your Christmas spirit alive despite all happening in the world. Because I truly believe we should enjoy every moment, regardless of how many people surround you!

Drop me a comment and let me know what’s something you enjoy doing during the holiday season!


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