• Samantha Balkaran

Turning that Negativity into Positivity

How do you deal with negative energy?

Do you let it overtake your day?

Or do you find a way to turn your mood around?

Story time...

A few days ago I found myself questioning my empathy towards other people, which is not typically me. It happened all because of someone else struggling with their own issues and projecting all of that hurt and pain onto anyone around them. And one way or another, I got stuck in the crossfire.

I went from being in a very positive and productive mood to feeling anger and annoyance towards that person. Only after I was able to vocalize my feelings on this entire situation was I able to calm down and be slightly more level-headed.

And in turn, I decided to channel that negativity into something very positive because I needed to lift my mood. I didn't want to waste a beautiful day sulking and moody because of someone else's misfortunes and negativity. I needed to channel all that anger into doing something. And while I could have done something unproductive or to make the situation worse, I turned around and I was able to involve myself in an activity that helped so many others. I threw all that energy into working with a friend in helping to get free meals to frontline staff at a hospital. And it was the best activity that turned around my entire mood!

What I realized by the end of day was that you should not measure your own emotions based off of what others are projecting into the world. Never take things personally because you don't know what someone is going through in that moment.

And most importantly, stay true to who you are. If you are genuinely a happy and positive light, don’t ever let someone dim that light.

What tips do you have on changing that negative energy back into something positive? How do you come back from dealing with an unpleasant situation?

Drop a comment and share your ideas! You never know who you might be helping.



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