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What Brings Me Peace

Lately I've been spending some time evaluating my life, happiness, and all the things that are factored into my overall being. I've been trying to journal nightly. And honestly, putting your thoughts, feelings from the day, and what you're grateful for onto paper is such a rewarding feeling.

So I thought I'd share five things that bring me peace, make my day brighter and my mood lighter in the hopes that you feel inspired to reflect on your life. The key is to acknowledge whatever it is that makes you feel fulfilled and write it down. You'd be surprised how many things in your life may seem small but play a huge role.

1. Meaningful Relationships - As I've gotten older and life itself has matured, I am extremely grateful for meaningful and purposeful relationships. Whether it's romantic, family or friendships, having supportive and like-minded people in my life that share similar life values brings a sense of security and peace. Surrounding yourself with great people who also understand your needs makes talking and getting through life that much easier, too. Keep positive and uplifting people in your life, and be that way for others too!

2. Creativity - For me, creativity is not only in writing, but the way I live my life. Being creative and exploring this personality trait while turning it into a strength is very empowering. When I am able to think outside of the box with my job, my fashion style, the food I make from scratch, and the activities I get into, I feel a true sense of happiness and peace. Because I am able to be me in my truest way.

3. Alone Time - Being comfortable in your own silence, or any silence for that matter, takes time. I used to be at a place in my life where I didn't know how to be alone. It was scary, uncomfortable, and left too much open and exposed. But as time has progressed, I've found taking time for yourself is needed and should be prioritized. It gives you time to self reflect, focus on self care and internal growth, and learn what your needs are. Because once you know what you need, that can be addressed and leaves less stress and more peace and calm.

4. Planning - Being a very organized and planned person is a crucial part of my life. I have always been and continue to be very organized and proactive on figuring things out. Once there's a plan, I feel less stress, less anxiety, and more calm about what needs to get done. I truly believe that a large factor in what causes daily anxiety is unorganization, confusion and not having a concrete idea of what needs to be done. As someone who lives with daily anxiety, managing a plan every day provides me peace, calm, and a positive day.

5. Attitude Adjustment - This may come without saying, but when you have a positive outlook on life, people and situations, you feel more at ease and calm. Over time I've learned to let things just be. And while to some, that may look like an unbothered attitude, I think the complete opposite. Why let little things bother you when they really don't have to? Don't let the decisions that other people make, the clothing other people wear, the attitude and mindset even of other people affect you. If it does not distinctly involve you as a person, don't let it. The same way you want others to allow you the time and space to be or say what you want is the same way you should also act towards other people.

Allow yourself time to grow and focus on what makes you feel fulfilled every day. You'd be surprised by how many little things you do routinely provide you peace and joy. So focus that energy on that.


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