• Samantha Balkaran

What's Your Foundation?

Hi beauties! So excited to share my favorite foundation and concealer with you today!

I'm always on the hunt for affordable and great quality makeup brands that provide me everything I'm looking for. And this is one I absolutely have become obsessed with and cannot live without in my makeup collection.

Makeup Revolution is where it's at!

If you've never tried their foundations or concealers, I highly recommend you do.

Makeup Revolution's Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation is utterly perfection. With a medium to full/buildable coverage, this foundation covers any imperfections you're looking to hide while also leaving your skin looking natural. I'm someone who does have some discoloration on the face from teenage acne, and I can tell you with confidence, this covers it all! There are tons of shades that can match different skin tones and what's even better, the price! For $12 at Ulta, you can purchase an 0.8 oz bottle that comes with a jumbo applicator for easy application.

The Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer pairs perfectly with the foundation or others as well! Whether you're looking to spot-cover over bare skin or use over foundation, this concealer blends well and does not look caked on. The shades range from very light to very dark, so whatever use you have for your concealer, there's a shade for you! And for $7, you can purchase an 0.11 oz bottle that will last you quite a few uses. The concealer also comes with an applicator for easy use and control!

If you haven't given Makeup Revolution a try yet, I highly recommend you do! It's worth the hype and ALL I wear now. The foundation and concealer both have a matte finish, which I prefer since my skin does get oily throughout the day. But with this duo, I hardly ever have to blot! And you can find both at Ulta!

If you're still unsure, the consistency, coverage and finish are super comparable to the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, which is also one of my all time favs.

Happy shopping!!



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